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Since every person and every company is individual, the website must be adapted to it. Systems such as Wordpress or Joomla are only an option if you only want to publish a simple so-called web business card or a blog. Therefore, these systems are mainly suitable for private use only.

Swiss Incorporate Consulting not only designs your website, but also programs it.

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Do not choose for overpriced web designs, which unfortunately turn out to be just pre-made WordPress sites.
With us you get a website, which is programmed individually according to your needs.

Our task is to advise you, to work out a concept together, to create a suitable web design and to program your individual website in a search engine friendly way.

There are countless cheap offers on the Internet, with a variety of tools being advertised, but the resulting website actually provides little benefit: No desired operation and no individual design that sets your company apart from the competition. No search engine optimization and no possibility to improve this website professionally. You only get one cheap finished product, with which you should present your company in the future.

Not with us - do not work for the website, but let the website work for you!

Domains & Hosting

The best website can be useless if no optimized server solution is available. Long wait times when loading the website, limited usability, no support or recurring unavailability of the website are just a part of the problems that occur with the so-called "low-cost providers". Of course, you will already get hosting packages on the web for just 1.00 CHF per month, but then you have to expect that such problems may occur at any time - therefor it is not an option for a company.

That's why we also provide a secure server solution for your website - our hosting packages not only offer you extensive protection, but are also geared towards the performance of company websites. All hosting packages include a free SSL certificate.

There are no hidden fees - telephone support or data changes and many more are already included in the price.

Many hosting providers won't help their customs when an urgent problem arises. But here the customer is helped immediately. All hosting packages are automatically checked for malware and other serious problems on a daily basis and customers receive a solution-oriented message if there are any problems.

Responsive Webdesign

All websites are typically programmed to render properly on any device. The content of a website adapts to the screen resolution of the following devices:

  • Desktop-PCs
  • Notebooks
  • Netbooks
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Onlineshop, CRM, etc.

On request, we also create a complete online shop, a customer relationship management software (CRM) and many other ones. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. We will also support you with negotiations with payment providers and also with the selection.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For each website included and indispensable: search engine optimization.
But what does that mean?

Your website is programmed to be easily found by search engines and read properly. What is the use of the best website if nobody will find it?

Important! Swiss Incorporate Consulting only provides a one-time on-page optimization. This means that there is no entry in directories. However, we recommend that you continue optimizing and perform off-page optimizations so that you can still be found. We are happy to assist you in this regard.


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  • 1 Standard Website
  • Suchmaschinenfreundlich
  • inkl. Statistik
  • DSGVO konform
  • 1 Domain inkl.
  • 1 Hosting-Paket inkl.
  • SSL-Zertifikat inkl.
  • 30 Tage Full-Support


  • inkl. WEB-ONLY Paket
  • inkl. Administrationsbereich
  • 500 Visitenkarten (Design & Druck)
  • DSGVO konform
  • 1 Domain inkl.
  • 1 Hosting-Paket inkl.
  • SSL-Zertifikat inkl.
  • 30 Tage Full-Support


  • inkl. WEB-ONLY Paket
  • inkl. Onlineshop
  • inkl. Werbeberatung
  • DSGVO konform
  • 1 Domain inkl.
  • 1 Hosting-Paket inkl.
  • SSL-Zertifikat inkl.
  • 30 Tage Full-Support


auf Anfrage
auf Anfrage
  • Individuelle Lösungen
  • z.B.: CRM-System
  • z.B.: Buchhaltungssystem
  • oder andere Software
  • 1 Domain inkl.
  • 1 Hosting-Paket inkl.
  • SSL-Zertifikat inkl.
  • 30 Tage Full-Support
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