"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

- Reid Hoffman
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Swiss Incorporate Consulting integrates innovative products and solutions from Switzerland and abroad on the market.

Thanks to our team of experts, we can offer you a variety of additional services. These include e.g. the creation of a (product) website including hosting & domain, marketing & PR, graphic design and much more.

In addition, our team has a variety of language skills (German, English, Italian, French, Hungarian and Chinese), which is why we can better market your product or solution abroad or with international trading partners.

Our Products

With our own brand PETDROP we present special pet products. No matter if LED-leash or smart interactive dog toy - we offer everything, what the heart of your four-legged friend desires.

We are interested in improving the lives of pets and as our goal is to integrate technology and innovation into our daily lives, we believe our pets need something innovative and fun.

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We are the official distributor of Sansin. These products are mainly of plant origin, contain biodegradable ingredients and are free of petroleum products.

Both in the testing of raw materials and the finished products, animal experiments are excluded.

Beside the incredible design of the bottles, Sansin is also USDA certified.

SANSIN-Produkte kaufen

We are the official distribution partner of HELL ENERGY DRINK in Switzerland. We offer you the entire service from production to door-to-door delivery. With top-quality ingredients, no preservatives, fortified with 5 vitamins HELL ENERGY offers a wide range of different Energy Drinks.

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We are the exclusive distributor of Gelato Italiano in Switzerland. The family-owned company and Swiss Incorporate Consulting AG believe in the product and are convinced that this ice cream will open up a large market share in Switzerland.

Gelato Italiano is produced in a family manufactory that brings over 25 years of experience from several destinations around the world. Heavenly creations are born in the traditional business. The family has adapted the traditional manufactory to the latest requirements and produces the ice in maximum perfection work.

We are the official distributor of Greaser Longbikes in Switzerland. Greaser was designed by Australian Michael Blast and defines a new category of electromobility. It is not a bike with battery and engine. It's an Electric Longbike!

With a powerful battery with low charging time, an aluminum frame, a 250 Watt BAFANG Geared Brushless Rear Hub and its exceptional vintage look, it clearly stands out from other long bikes.